BarterPay Perk - Booking Process


Step 1 - Complete the Travel Form

 Fill out the form.

Travel Submission FOrm

Step 2 - Review Options Provided

You will receive an invoice through PayPal for each option that we source for you (between 1 to 5 options depending on location and availability). The invoice will have details of the accommodations (and any restrictions) and a breakdown of the CDN$ and T$ cost.

Step 3 - Choose 1 Option & Pay the Invoice

If you want to move forward with one of the options, pay that invoice as soon as possible because deals do sell out. If you provide a payment, but the deal is sold out, you will not be charged anything in TRADEdollars or CDN$.  

If you are not interested in moving forward with any of the options, do not pay any of the invoices. All unpaid invoices will be closed after 24 hours.

Step 4 - Booking and Billing for Stay

We will complete the booking and bill your BarterPay account for the TRADEdollar portion.

Step 5 - Receive Confirmation and Enjoy Your Stay!

You will receive an email confirmation from Atalanta with booking confirmation details. 

The remaining invoices that were created will then be cancelled.

Please Note:

The credit card receipt and hotel booking will read “Priceline” not "Atalanta".